Dragon Ball Ultimate Battle

Dragon Ball Ultimate Battle

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DaThane By DaThane Updated Aug 18

Dragon Ball Ultimate Battle, the first ever Dragon Ball fan fiction by DaThane. I have no plans for this story, so I'm just going to write until I can't no more.

My upload schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

I want to thank @OofuKun for help with the concepts and ideas! Thank you, your help is extremely appreciated!

After a year of working on a Bio-Android to destroy Goku and his friends, Android 21 creates Abforza, a Bio-Android that can absorb powers, and restrict them from Goku or anyone else. Within said year, Android 21 programmed Android 16 to be on her side. How will Goku stop them? WILL he stop them? Who knows?! Tune in for Dragon Ball Ultimate Battle on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays!

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