What if?

What if?

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What if Lily and James never died on Halloween? 

What if Harry's parents lived long enough to reach his second Birthday? 

 What if Harry never lived at Number 4 Privet Drive with his Aunt, Uncle and Cousin?

What if Sirius never went to Askaban for a crime he did not commit?

 What if Peter hadn't been made secret keeper, meaning he couldn't tell the Potters location? 

What if Harry grew up knowing all about magic and Hogwarts and the world he is a part of?

What if everything we think is true in the magical world is not? 

What if the story we know and love is different to how we thought was? 

Lily and James Potter died before Harry could get to know them, a tragic story. 

But, if Harry had grown up with his parents what would be different about his life?

Who knows? 

What If things had gone differently?

What If?

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Do I like loyal Dumbledor or do I like those stories with a snakey ass Dumbledor when Harry's not even Harry
puffmouse5 puffmouse5 Mar 03
i read about a chapter ago that this story is going to be more specific and accurate but this is just... i don't even know what is this
akatsuki_kudo akatsuki_kudo Apr 15, 2017
Imagine dumbledore humming and thinking a plan in the toilet
puffmouse5 puffmouse5 Mar 03
...thre once was a boy named Harry,  destined to be a star...
You say "yo you and your wife are going to die tonight so don't. Cool?"
1StarS1 1StarS1 Mar 23, 2017
I just started to read your book and I fail in love with your writing and you have to know that you are soo talented 
                              Love yo😊🌟