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I'll Keep Believing:Frerard:~Sequel to Born To Lose~

I'll Keep Believing:Frerard:~Sequel to Born To Lose~

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͕͗Ƈ͕͕͗͗н͕͕͗͗є͕͕͗͗м͕͕͗͗ι͕͗ By xXChemicalSkeletonXx Completed

Gerard couldn't stop himself...He didn't want to.He just threw his head back and allowed the liquid to spark a fire in the back of his throat as he consumed it.He was losing himself more than should be humanly possible.
And he didn't care.
That's all he knew now.
Alcohol and drugs.
But without his main addiction that had been taken from him,he was slowly destroying himself.
He was becoming a monster.
Gerard needed Frank.

"So it is you...Benjamin Barker..." 
                              "No, not Barker. It's Todd now, Sweeney Todd. And he will have his revenge."
i read it as "while Ben helped cook Bob" and I was so confused
noooo I just died a little inside whist listing to wttbp💔
I'm already in tears of eyeliner. Bring frnk back. GERD AND I NEED HIM.
We all need some Frank in our lives. You aren't alone Gerard.
What I think so far is that I think I am dying of all this SADNESS