Friends With the Bionics: Season 3 (Lab Rats)

Friends With the Bionics: Season 3 (Lab Rats)

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When we last left Zoey Valentine, she was stuck in an elevator with Leo and Davenport, her bionic friends had run away, and Perry now knew the secret that Adam, Bree, and Chase were bionic.
 The thing is, to her, that's not even the begining of complicated. Those are just the facts. Everything is going to change from here on out. 

A new enemy they have to face, an old one they have to trust, a video posted online exposing everything, worldwide fame, and an evil bionic army is what they're up against. Now that's what's going to make things complicated. 

Normal's overrated anyway. 

IT'S SEASON 3 OF LAB RATS! All rights go to their respective owners.

She was the closest. But everyone knows he just wants to spend time with her!!!
Threw her apple at his head (something I would have done to protect my friends haha)
Because they kept saying that they were pranking masters and everyone knows it is Zoey
She didn't like being an authority figure and said she was her announcer
They thought she wouldn't audition because the is a rebel and she was really really good
TheElemental99 TheElemental99 Apr 01, 2016
The author's note on this sounds so much like a commercial!
                              Dramatic Voice: This season you'll be betting Choey, fan-made commercials, and more action than ever before!