selfie || calum hood

selfie || calum hood

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caution: just letting you know, I wrote this years ago, so some things may not add up.  I won't change them because most of you understand what I'm trying to say.  please ignore any spelling/grammatical errors. enjoy reading!

'listen here red, we're gonna send each other a selfie a day, with a caption.' 

'i don't know you.'

'yeah, i don't know you either, but that's how we'll get to know each other.'

'why me?'

'you seem interesting.' 

'promise you're not weird?' 

'promise.  i'm the guy with the black hair and squishy face.' 

'alright, i'll do it.'

'great. selfies start tomorrow.  rules are: we can't know each others names or where each other live. can't wait to get started. (;'

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I so so sorry don't hate me but… it sounds like a cigarette store I'm sorry
antisocial_potato44 antisocial_potato44 Nov 23, 2017
Would kill a biitch if they did the to me.... but also hat idiot is so me, I’m not afraid to be a hypocrite
xXKaitastropheXx xXKaitastropheXx Aug 20, 2017
She's lucky I nearly got called Marie Anne no offence to anyone but instead they called me Caitlin BUUUUUUTTTTTT THEY HAD TO CHOOSE THE SPELLING OF IT THE WAY NOOOOO ONE SPELLS IT I. MY UEAR THERE ARE THREE CAITLINS ALL OF TEM ARE SOELT C A I T L I N EXEOT for MEEEE
MsMencles MsMencles Apr 23, 2017
Don't mind sending me SOme anymore just please send me another copy so I can copy and paste it rather than typing it again and lastly I need ur ig
MsMencles MsMencles Apr 23, 2017
Hello frozencashton... I'm planning to make this IRL in instgram @5sauce_5sus... Send me pics of red TY
neonshawn neonshawn Feb 26, 2017
Stiles come teach mall boy some manners and tell him her hair is strawberry blonde