Pure Little Pup: Book One

Pure Little Pup: Book One

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Natasha Morris By Dream_Girls_X Completed

Book One Of: Pure Little Pup

'уσυ αяє мιиє ℓιттℓє σиє, тιℓℓ ∂єαтн ∂υє υѕ αραят'

Shy, Innocent, Broken 
These and many more words describe 16 year old Darcia Howard. She is a small poor wolf who is constantly tormented for her current living conditions and her personality. 

Protective, Scary, Dangerous 
These and many more describe 20 Year old Isaac Grey. Isaac is the alpha of the most dangerous and feared packs in current day and age. 

What will happen when these two meet?
Love, Drama, Romance, Twists, Mystery and Many more will be included in this book. 

Author: Natasha Morris

  • alpha
  • bullied
  • innocent
  • love
  • mates
  • posessive
  • protective
  • self-harm
  • series
  • werewolf
tvishis tvishis Dec 15, 2017
DAMN! that was so well written even I froze when he growled AND I could practically FEEL the sparks!
angel032409 angel032409 4 days ago
People should stop writing stuff like that in their books, there are people who drops the book like it's on fire cause they don't want to read a"cringe" book. Often the books that are described as cringe aren't . I'm not one of those, it's just a advice.
eclairebear eclairebear Aug 25, 2017
                              CRINGEY IS MY MIDDLE NAME
                              *grabs overly buttered popcorn*
Simply_Nefelibata Simply_Nefelibata Jun 18, 2016
Omg yes no more rare white wolves that are oh so powerful (even though she still get kidnapped by untrained rogues) finally a red wolf (because the definition of rouge is red and a lone wolf is referred to using the term rogue)
ShadowGlow ShadowGlow Sep 13, 2016
Do rogues typically have packs? If they do, doesn't that just make them their own pack by definition of rogue? I come across this a lot on Wattpad and am just curious since no one has ever explained it to me.
Simply_Nefelibata Simply_Nefelibata Jun 18, 2016
So these red blobs of whatever are attacking 😂 now that's something I'd like to see