Trouble (A Melix Fanfic)

Trouble (A Melix Fanfic)

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I wrote this (and the sequel) when I was literally 12. It's cringe and weird, but yet when you type in Melix it's the first to pop up. Thank you for the incredible amount of support, and reads. You can find me on -astrokid 

big amounts of love from your boy star.


Marzia Bisognin is a shy, regular, runt of the litter. In her last year of high school, she meets Felix Kjellberg, who is the biggest trouble maker in the entire school. He's cocky, smart, and strong- and has every girl all over him. Put Felix picks out his prey- the shy Marzia.
But Felix drags Marzia into a whole mess of trouble, putting their lives on the line. Can Felix undo everything he's started?
(#10th in Melix?!?!?!)

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I remember that I did something really annoying to my friend a few years ago. He stared at me with a blank expression, while I smiled to keep him annoyed. This contenued for a few seconds until the teacher said something similar.
its mildly embarassing that when i read the blurb for this fic i literally snorted, then started reading. ive been on a melix rampage as ive been sick so YAY ITS FANFIC TIME
great move Felix....*calls ex* Hey can we get back together?
kristinlvb kristinlvb Nov 11
something tells me that by him telling marzia that he wants to “get to know her better,” he’s gonna attempt to do more than just that....
Felix, I'm asking you nicely...PLEASE DONT HURT MY LITTLE PADILDO
I can only imagine pewds saying that with his YouTube high school voice 😂