He's Dating the Jock

He's Dating the Jock

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MuskTrail By MuskTrail Updated Oct 02, 2014


He wants peace,

  He rule.....

He avoid being with the crowd,

  He is the center of attraction,

Both stand opposite from each other...

the other is bullied, 

  the other bullies

what if fate plays with them?
Will they still stand opposite?

Note: I'm not really a writer but do vote if you like it and comment if you want.

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CheshireKittenKat CheshireKittenKat Dec 06, 2017
My dads name is David and that, honestly, sounds like something he would do
MinMinJoo MinMinJoo Oct 12, 2017
When you low key imagine the guy Jin ends up with as Rapmon.... NAMJIN
MinMinJoo MinMinJoo Oct 12, 2017
This is gonna be hard and weird for me to imagine because I’m thinking that this guy looks like Jin from BTS and he’s freaking GORGEOUS and also a bit tall so...
DarkQSoul DarkQSoul Nov 23, 2017
Me in that situation: "nah not really, but maybe you could give it a try-wait nevermind you wouldnt be able to fit your dumbness."
keepitmellow keepitmellow Oct 01, 2017
What does he wear his pants super high making them look like high waters, big glasses with the string attached all around,suspenders,colourful socks and his catch phrase is" did i do that?"
                              If you didn't get it it's Steve urkle you uncultured swine