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Love and Thirst

Love and Thirst

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Mika By Yaoimistress_Mika Updated Jan 29, 2015

Alexander Muller is a Vampire!! 

-Alexander or Alex or Mu-chan(for girls) is a transfer student from Germany came to Millie Academy in Japan. He is a very handsome and tall boy.
Then he met the ever small and fragile Kitagawa Mikuru (Micchin).
The first time they met was when Mikiru was being bullied, and Alexwas the one who saved him. 
And there start their love story.
What will Alex do when upon deciding that he will protect him turns out that Mikuru is the only Japanese person who can be compatible with him and can only drink Mikuru's blood?
He doesn't want to brake the ever fragile Mikuru but he'll die if he doesn't consume his domina.

Cause then you can use biting someone as an excuse to act adorable af and make them look hot af
I hope you mean hug or I may have to call the authorities and burn this ship 😐
Lies~! *excitement builds* I hope I can find a Japanese girl... they are so pretty IM JEALOUS! And gay af so hmu!
That's a hot pic tbh... only when it's a vamp who can't get cancer
*watched intensely* if she dies I know how to hide the body, hmu.
Ha! I'm American, but even I know that that's a lie *giggling is heard in da back round... It doesn't seem to stop*