Their Abused Omega

Their Abused Omega

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*Sequel to 'Their Freckled Omega'*

Izuku Midoriya had finally figured everything out with his two mates. They were finally going to be happy. Until Izuku's mother shows up and drops a bomb shell on them. Izuku was moving to America to live with his father. 

Not being able to tell his mates the truth in person, Izuku sneaks out early in the morning leaving behind a goodbye letter and half of his belongings. Everyone was heart broken, but they were going to accept it. But Katsuki Bakugou tells them something that makes them quickly realize that they needed to get back their omega. Izuku's father was extremely abusive towards his mother and him, and last time they saw him, his so called father nearly killed the boy. 

Read to find out what's happens to Kirishima and Kaminari's Abused Omega.


Hey guys!

That's right, the sequel is already out!! I'm not entirely sure how fast the updates will be this time, but it's here!