Forever Yours (GirlxGirl)

Forever Yours (GirlxGirl)

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"Then tell me. Why are you showing me this place? Why not show anybody else?" I turned to her as she stared at the floor blushing. She laced her fingers through mine as she finally looked up, biting her lip as she stared at mine. A million and one thoughts raced through my mind as she kept staring.

"Well, I could tell you. But I'd rather show you." She whispered almost, as she leaned forward, closing her eyes as her lips closed in. I gulped down the lump as I leaned it too, until my lips closed the gap, kissing her passionately.

Katie has been troubled for most of her life. After being outed to the entire school at her last school, she decided to start fresh in a new school. 

However, will she be able to cope with school life when she finds herself falling for more than one girl? Will Kate decide who she will be with in the end? Or will she find herself running away from her troubles, again?

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My mom says, "It's just a phase. You're trying to be like your friends." :/
i pretend to have it and apparently u eventually feel more confident after a while
ptv_mars_ ptv_mars_ Oct 16
Why did she just describe me like even the height is the same
Should I continue reading, get emotionally attached and end up getting my heart ripped out or save myself? I feel like torturing myself.
cadetgirl cadetgirl May 29, 2011
@Claymore4Lyf  hahaha you think so? this story is actually about me and my life haha except i changed some bits to make it a little more intresting and twisty lol