The Mystery of my life #Watty2015

The Mystery of my life #Watty2015

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"Oh my god! Wait are you gay? " I blurted out loudly.

He roughly grabbed my shoulder and moved closer. He was just inches away from me. His breath was fanning me then he said slowly but with a hint of warning "DARE. TO. SHOUT. AGAIN."

"What can you do..AGRAWAL." I stressed the syllables of his name. 

His jaw and teeth tightened along with his hold on my shoulders. His grey eyes seemed to darken. "Let's find out whether I am gay or not."

#15 in Romance. (10/12/15) 

Young Kiara thought her new job would be a life changing experience, but when she meets her new boss she realizes her life will be changing more than she excepted.

Kiara can't stop life from embarrassing her in front of her new boss and he can't stop himself from being rude to her.

Can she handle his rudeness to figure out the true mystery of her boss or will he break her?

Copyright © 2015 
by drazy-mystery005

Cover- @Forcade
This book belongs to me, don't try to steal my work.

Well, This sounds Fun!!
                              Superb Intro, and I like that girl's humor already!!
Dream_Ahead Dream_Ahead Nov 13
Ur story is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it like this the fourth time I'm reading this. This should be a best selling novel 📖
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sawgdh sawgdh Dec 16, 2015
I loveee ur story u need to publish this👍🏼😍😍😎😎😎😎. That gives you 10 cool points!!!!
pretty8079 pretty8079 Nov 21, 2015
Yup....interesting start....I liked till now ......hopes better further story....😘😍💗
pretty8079 pretty8079 Nov 21, 2015
Loved the start.......hoping that the whole story would be interesting as the starting of the story is.....😘