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Impenetrable {Naruto Fan-Fic}

Impenetrable {Naruto Fan-Fic}

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i guess By wombastic Completed

After her clan massacre and the death of her brother, Yuyan Hane travels to Konoha and is saved by Konoha's distinguished Itachi Uchiha who raises her and treats her like the little sister he never had. Her time in Konoha was amazing, making friends, promises along the way that she intends to keep, and finding a new family, who wouldn't be happy, right? However, when things start to go wrong, she vanishes the night of the Uchiha clan massacre only to mysteriously return years later, stronger and wiser than before. How will Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, her childhood best friends, react to her comeback? How will things go for her when she's placed on Team Seven? Most importantly, is she ready to fulfill all her promises she's made? 

Follow Yuyan Hane on her story of adventure, friendship, sorrow, and even a hint of love as her impenetrable will is faced with the cruel, hate filled shinobi world!


JessxElle JessxElle Jan 31
Isn't there like a new horoscope sign or something. Now there's like 13 instead of 12.
Duckbutt-le-FABULOUS Duckbutt-le-FABULOUS Dec 11, 2016
The song I'm listening to rn matches this chapter and now I'm crying. ;-;
IGNITE005243 IGNITE005243 Dec 29, 2016
OMG! I saw that tags for this book and #stupiddanzo is gonna be the next big thing!!! It has to be! LETS ALL MAKE #stupiddanzo A THING EVERYONE!!!!  XD
Sticks are sticky, 
                              Porcupines are prickly,
                              Duckin' hell,
                              That escalated quickly.
MinCh3rii MinCh3rii Jan 24
For some reason this scene reminds me of the one in Mag, where Hakuryuu was in the house fire, and his brother stabbed himself and droused the blood on Hakuryuu so he wouldn't burn. 
                              Lol, too much talk.
Sniper_Chick02 Sniper_Chick02 Nov 08, 2016
I feel like the grammar could be tidied up a bit, but it has a great story line so far! Sorry, this is really late...