Divine Descent

Divine Descent

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Alicia By AliciaMarino Completed

One waitress with a dark, hidden purpose that ascends the stars and galaxies.

One man turned vampire to endure centuries just to ensure her protection.

Two soulmates torn apart by a prophecy beyond their control. 

Fate had rolled the final bell, bringing death and defeat to the young waitress. The man she loved was taken from her and with his absence, the light in the world faded with the fulfilled prophecy.

All hope was lost... until darkness consumed her, until giving herself willingly to that darkness. With whispers of temptation in her ears, her mortality faded away and divine power emerged, the power to defy fate and the Gods, the power to bring back her vampire from the dead.

But with her immortal powers comes much more than the world is anticipating... ultimate destruction.

[sequel to Blood Lust]