weightless / teen wolf

weightless / teen wolf

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slime gargoyle By bellerose12 Completed

"I like to come out here when I feel heavy with a conflict in my life"

         "floating through the water like that, giving up control and letting the waves control where you go, has a way of calming you."

         "It feels like you're letting the sea take your troubles from you for a little while, like you become a piece of seaweed, floating along without a care in the world. It feels like you're letting out a breath you've been holding inside of you, and opening up the bottle in your soul. It has a way of making you feel... weightless"

[Teen Wolf S1]
{Book 1 in the Weightless series}
cover by the apple of my eye @-noctuaries


"not that bad" 
- a reader

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redxvines redxvines Jun 18
The only way that I read unedited stories is if the author puts a disclaimer like this.
Okay but the struggle is real. Lydia is not easy to make frens with
I'm already in love with this book I feel like I'm high on life and I love it
curiousIy curiousIy Dec 26, 2016
I'm reading this again bc i lOVe it and I love you and why are you so good at writing
stevehcrrington stevehcrrington Dec 27, 2016
I accidently read always had a boner bc I got a quick glance and I really hate myself
this has been in my lib for ever and i'm finally getting a chance to read it :-)