A Taste of White Chocolate

A Taste of White Chocolate

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Giamoni By GiamoniCooper Completed

(English - Unedited - In Revision)

Lisa Stanely is a 22 year old full-figured college student who has been told that she wouldn't be good enough until she lost weight her entire life but that never stopped her from doing her own thang!

Her mind set has always has been, "Fuck everyone! My body is sexy and there is someone who will want all of me!"

Little does she know, the chant shes always said was about to come true in the form of David Albanese. Ever since setting his eyes on Lisa, he's been head over heels in love.

She just doesn't know it yet.

  • arrest
  • assault
  • baby
  • beat
  • birth
  • black
  • boss
  • broad
  • celtics
  • child
  • chocolate
  • cuddle
  • cute
  • dimples
  • dinner
  • fight
  • figured
  • fly
  • friend
  • full
  • gun
  • interracial
  • jail
  • jailmature
  • jaw
  • kid
  • labor
  • lawyer
  • mama
  • mature
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  • plan
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  • white
  • yams
diabolikreader45 diabolikreader45 Dec 01, 2017
TELLL HERRRRR!!! I wouldn't got the àss whopping of lifetime from my mom not my grandma cuz she think she's fast but I weave everything
CallinJay CallinJay Oct 18, 2017
And end....
                              My mom use to talk to me like that. My granma shut her down.. lol
Unholy_Vengeance Unholy_Vengeance Oct 09, 2017
If I could find me a white boy that talked like he from the hood, I'd be throwing my ass back so quick smdh
ohthatscee ohthatscee Jan 07
Mine are so damn big I wonder if anybody wants to accept this donation bc I’m sick of it 😭
diabolikreader45 diabolikreader45 Dec 02, 2017
Ok so y tf isn't she ova that table? See if it was me I woulda already been in the díck but hey,u do u sis
diabolikreader45 diabolikreader45 Dec 01, 2017
He sexy but I would love for Chris Evans or Chris Hemswort to swing my Mf wayyyyy😍♥️♥️😛💦💦