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For years myths and legends about the Underworld revolved around the earth. The most dark and horrible place you could ever think of. But they were just myths and legends. 

It was all about imagination.

No, Hades, the God of Underworld, did not exist. 
No, souls did not travel off to Underworld when their living bodies died.
No, there was no such person who could rule a place like that.
No, a person could not radiate darkness.
No, a mere person could not make millions of souls kneel before him.

That's what every single one of them believed in.

Unless, he was an immortal.

Like Hayden Stone.

Ava Bensen, like every other sane human, did not believe in such stuff. What she was more concerned for, was herself. Her anxiety. Her antisocial-ness. Her panic attacks. 

Yes, she did have a perfect life. Rich parents who loved bragging around about her. Two best friends, who made life a little less worse. A younger brother, who she loved more than anything. 

Everything was perfect.

And then she died.

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