Left Behind

Left Behind

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HakunaMatata077 By HakunaMatata077 Updated Aug 18

Billie corner used to be a very sweet energetic spoiled child. She had a wonderful family with two loving parents and 6 older brothers. She had everything until she didn't.

At age 7 her parents died in a car crash. With no living relatives that would take her and her 6 older brothers they were put into foster care.

The problem is no one would take 7 kids. 

Billie was the unlucky one sent to a abusive home when all the boys were sent together.

Her brothers promised her they would keep in touch and once her oldest brother Miles turned 18 he would take them all in.

He lied. They all lied. Billie hasn't heard from them since the day they all separated.

Billie isn't a sweet little kid anymore she's a broken 16 year old that was left behind by her brothers.

So what happens when they get reunited?