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Oath (A Michael Jackson Fanfiction)

Oath (A Michael Jackson Fanfiction)

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Molly R. B. By fanofmj Completed

This isn't your typical love story.


"I don't blame you for anything. Do you hear me? I don't blame you for anything. I got myself into this mess, you had nothing to do with this. You were the one getting me through it in the first place. Talking to you gave me hope. It got me through the day. Please don't blame yourself for this."

Michael smiled weakly through his tear-stained cheeks.  "I won't," he agreed softly.  "But you're still hurt, and this time, I will be here for you. I'm making this oath to you, Maeve. I'll never leave you again. Ever."


Maeve Garrett and Michael Jackson met by chance. They were just two people that happened to meet in an unlikely way. The force and attraction between them was stronger than they'd ever felt with another, even within just hours of seeing each other for the first time. After many different trials and tribulations the two have been through, the only lifelines they have left is each other. When their biggest challenges arrives, they have to be able to face them - together - if they want to prevail.

And the oath may have to be broken.

I'm here because people have nominated this book for best romance in best MJ fanfic.
Lavender-Violet Lavender-Violet Jul 15, 2016
@fanofmj This will my very first comment on Wattpad ever! Anyway, I just wanted to say I'm a stickler when it comes to stories and your writing is everything!  😍😂 Half of my "MJ" Reading List consists of your work and can't wait to read it all!  You're a rock star!  Lol! 😂
Pisces4life Pisces4life Feb 15, 2016
I want you to know that I thought this was a legit update and now I feel jipped lol
Ohhhh I heard this song was nearly, I mean NEARLY taken out!
xheartandsoulx xheartandsoulx Aug 25, 2016
Reading this for the 2nd time because it's been a while and I want to read Promise 😭👌