Happier (Sheith/Past!Adashi/Past!Klance)

Happier (Sheith/Past!Adashi/Past!Klance)

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Brandy Winters By BrandyLupinEvans Updated Sep 30

"He hit me," Keith to Krolia and Texas.

"He yelled at me 24/7," Shiro to Kuro and Ryou.

"You're worthless!" Lance to Keith.

"For God's sake, Takashi, quit showing off!" Adam to Shiro.

It had been five months since Shiro and Keith had escaped their abusive relationships. It had been two months since they got together.

Lance had been drinking more after the break up. All he could do was stare at the pictures of him and Keith, but he knew he couldn't get Keith back. All because he was an abusive drunk.

Adam had been regretting everything he had done to Shiro. He did nothing, but yell and control him. He could never get him back.

After they started to get over the breakup, they accidentally run into their past lovers.

Will Lance and Adam ever forgive themselves and move on or will the guilt just grow stronger?

"Baby, you look happier...you do." Lance.

"You look happier than you ever did with me," Adam.

"I'm happier with you," Keith & Shiro to each other.