The Bloodsucker Next Door

The Bloodsucker Next Door

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He was bad and mysterious
She was pure and an open book
He wore the same black leather jacket everyday
And she wore the same kitty ears

He was not the Edward to her Bella
And she was not the Buffy to his David
He was Vince
And she was Jessica

Jessica Owens was only seven years old when she had first met the silver eyed boy in the woods. It has been years since their first meeting but what happens when she moves to a new town and sees him again? This time to find out that he is her next door neighbor. 

Let's just say that Jessica isn't ready for all the secrets and discoveries that are sure to come her way. Nor is she ready for the true love that is sure to come. She is especially not ready for the secrets that she will unravel about her own self.

Highest Ranking; #7 in Vampire

MADtense MADtense Sep 01
Mixes up coot with count. Plot twist: she is a secret lesbian
Julie_Whiting Julie_Whiting 2 days ago
Of course she moves to the town where every student is a vampire 😂😂
I have 24 kids in every classroom. But its different than schools in America. All 24 kids have ALL classes together,every day we have different classes and in every class theres same 24 kids all day,every day.
It totally sounds like they're gonna go live in Mystic Falls
lovestar_ lovestar_ Oct 24
No that dude is to pale and combat boots? Navy blue jeans? No no he wearing something else and having a darker skin tone lol
MADtense MADtense Sep 01
He wasnt wearing the jacket when they first met. It says her first day here meaning when she arrived to the new forever house and saw him wearing the new jacket