The Billionaire's Wife | #Wattys2016 #1 in Chicklit

The Billionaire's Wife | #Wattys2016 #1 in Chicklit

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Aria Greene By XxBlueBlusherxX Updated 2 days ago

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They never did fall into love. They were forced to marry each other for the sake of their companies. He hated her impulsive and silly  ways. She hated his principles and the way acted so authoritarian with his moods shifting uncontrollably.

But all these last only for two years; many things can happen in that span of time and there's nothing that can prepare them.

With the divorce papers blocking their view, his hectic office schedules, her raging hormones and not to mention, a vengeful ex-girlfriend, how would Elle and Gabriel survive the odds?

Is Elle going to agree to end the contract and leave Gabe so she can live  her dreams? Or is she going to fight for her right and stay as "THE BILLIONAIRE's WIFE"

onem12 onem12 3 days ago
English is not my first language either but I understood the story. Isn't non challant spelled as nonchalant though?
vics123654 vics123654 Dec 19, 2016
If I was in Paris I would just say 'je ne parle anglais' (hope I said that right) casue aint nobody spoiling my Paris voyage
XBeautiful__TragedyX XBeautiful__TragedyX Dec 30, 2016
My mom calls my room my cave because I practically live in it
PROLOGUE: It all happened a year ago, we only had two weeks to prepare, its bin five months since his father died. 
                              CHAPTER 1: one year anniversary (how come)
XBeautiful__TragedyX XBeautiful__TragedyX Dec 30, 2016
I don't like normal cake but if you give me a cheesecake I will love you forever
Janameix Janameix Dec 17, 2016 sana basahin niyo rin tong story ko..