The Creatures Series

The Creatures Series

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Stella Purple™ (Reverse Harem) By StellaPurple Updated Jun 05


Welcome to the darkness...

Book #1 :  Creatures of the Night
Book #2 :  Creatures of the Dark
Book #3 :  Creatures of the Mist
Book #4 :  Creatures of the Ice
Book #5 :  Creatures of the Light
Book #6 :  Creatures of the Flame

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r1seagainst r1seagainst Sep 05, 2017
I have a question, I feel like the first 10 chapters I've read sort of short and feel like I'm missing something. So I wanna ask if these chapters aren't complete and that I need to to buy the complete version?
StellaPurple StellaPurple Jan 15, 2015
@1Dr2Pepper Yes, you have to buy the books to be able to read the complete version.
1Dr2Pepper 1Dr2Pepper Jan 15, 2015
I want to read the whole story but not sure if I have to buy it
StellaPurple StellaPurple Aug 05, 2013
@JemmaRosee Don't know. I don't have an iPhone, so I don't know how. What gave you the impression that I did? Try googling it or ask through Support section.
JemmaRosee JemmaRosee Aug 03, 2013
This is amazing, though, how do you do bold text? Keep up the awesome writing! ;o
StellaPurple StellaPurple Jun 03, 2013
                              I'm glad you do. I hope you will help me VOTE for the sequels' chapters (book four and five) for the award.