The Tutor || Luke Hemmings (l.h)

The Tutor || Luke Hemmings (l.h)

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"Since I always pick what we should study, what do you want to study?" 



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jacob_clitorius jacob_clitorius Oct 10, 2016
Round ball or hey Arnold's head shaped ball? In America we call the round one soccer. Lol
DolansBabez DolansBabez Aug 28, 2016
THIS B*tch- sorry,my French is really bad today! this bianca has the nerve to diss my book museum RUDE *storms off to find a machete... blows her head off*
Abbylopezlovesyou Abbylopezlovesyou Jun 08, 2016
WAIT!!!!!!!! Dylan O'Brien has brown/Hazel eyes, Not blue!!!!
ok but i'm starting to think calum is homosexual in this book??
_calyumm _calyumm Jan 31
*steals cause this is the only way I'll get Calum to talk to me*
aseip35 aseip35 Jun 17, 2015
This is the most accurate description of Calum I've ever read