Remember me brother's (Vampire diaries)

Remember me brother's (Vampire diaries)

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Damon Salvatore, Stephen Salvatore,  Olivia Salvatore and Justice Salvatore. You all new the brother's
But dose anyone remember the sister's?

Damon was 24 when he was turned
Stephen was 17 when he was turned
Olivia was 17 when she was turned
Justice was never turned.

Truth be told the Salvatore Brother's never new that Olivia survived.

Let me tell you how.

Olivia was with justice playing with her when all of a sudden a fire was started.
Olivia was trapped in the room with baby justice and there was no way out.

Some how Olivia was rescued by a mystery man but justice was not so lucky.

She only lived 2 years.

Stephen and Damon were out of the house shocked that there two beloved sisters didn't make it.

How long will it take for them to figure out what really happened.

Figure it out in Remember me brother's.

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libroworm1617 libroworm1617 Aug 22, 2014
I think niklaus saved her because im who else could it be she met him earlier
- - Jul 25, 2014
oooooh Niklaus ur cleva mate!!!!
                              update plz!!! it is really good