Hunting For Love  ~ Book 6 ~ The Royal Blood Collection

Hunting For Love ~ Book 6 ~ The Royal Blood Collection

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Claudia is just like her mother. Rather than sitting on a throne, this princess would rather be out in the world, living her life. And like her mother, she constantly puts herself in danger. Her life is hers to decide and Claudia's taken up the role of hunting the vampire slayers.

Her cousin Alaric has a mission, one that seems easy enough but Claudia knows to be wary of the slayers. She has to find Henley Davenport, a slayer that the king wants dead. He's supposedly still in the vampire city but after receiving information from an informant, Claudia learns that he's in the halfways, a city that encircles the human settlement. 

Venturing into the halfways was once easy, now it's dangerous. The humans that live there are protesting and causing problems, something that doesn't surprise Claudia given that a slayer is in their town.

It doesn't take Claudia long to find Henley, something that she finds suspicious. The further she delves, the more Claudia realizes that something is wrong. When she learns the truth about Henley, Claudia has to do the one thing that she never dreamed of doing - going against her mission directive.

**Book 6 in the series. It is strongly recommended that you read the books ~ Crimson Flame, Command My Heart, Into The Wild, Protect My Love and Burning Hearts first.**

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