Her Inner Demon

Her Inner Demon

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 By Emily_the_Werewolf16 Updated Aug 07

Ever since Rainbow Dash was a child, she always had everyone scared.Not because of her unique looks and supernaturally confident aditude, but of her other half.Dash hated it, so she found a way to keep whatever this other half of her at bay as long as possible.

It was the second year at Canterlot High.The girls were  excited for another exciting year. Well, the girls except Rainbow Dash. Dash was more worried than excited.Why?

This was the year Rainbow Dash fear and dreaded the most.

It was the year SHE returned.

{Gore,blood, violence, a demon, and disturbing subjects are in this story. Just givin' ya'll a warnin'. Also MAAAAAAAAAY have a shipping war between AppleDash and PinkieDash so yee.^^}

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