Garments Series FAQ

Garments Series FAQ

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Hey guys! Since all the Garments Series stories are all interlinked, correlated or happening simultaneous, I thought to make a FAQ book since it can get pretty confusing and overwhelming. And since it's been requested.

Don't be afraid to shoot me any kind of questions

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F R E Q U E N T Q U E S T I O N S 

List of Books in the Garments Series

- Jeans Jacket

- Satin Shirts

- Lacy Leathers

- Velvet Vests (coming soon)

- Hodden Hoodies (coming soon)

- Cotton Cardigans (coming soon)

Are they all going to be short stories?

Yes, they are going to be short-stories. Unless I go with a crazy plan to have one last story which closes every door possible in the Garments Series.

What is the reading order?

There is no particular order. Each story can stand on its own but since they are all made to correlate, it's pretty simple to read them all tog...

cucolulp cucolulp Jan 30
Definitely, I'm reading one and I'm not understanding a thing
Guys velvet vests is only 9 chapters because I guess the author preferred it
safiyakhan1 safiyakhan1 Jul 08, 2017
In JJ why didn't Nate break up with Tex when he knew he was cheating? 
                              He just said, ''its complicated.'' What exactly is complicated?
kookie_owns_me kookie_owns_me Sep 27, 2017
In jeans jacket, how come everybody remembers the past except Ellie?
annikaspov annikaspov Jul 06, 2017
Do all the story have a bad ending like Jeans Jacket? I don't know if I want to read the others because I don't want to roll around in my bed again due to my failed hopes.
                              Also, I'm joking.
                              Not in the part where I rolled around in my bed, but yeah.