Entwined Hearts

Entwined Hearts

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dreamerkr96 By dreamerkr96 Updated Mar 25

Sequel of 'Tangled Hearts'. You should read 'Tangled Hearts' to understand this book! It leads on from the end of it.

Zara and Zaid are finally happily married, and Hamza is locked up for good. Everything's perfect for the newly married couple, they've never been happier. 

What happens when Zara finds out that she's pregnant, a month after their wedding? 

What will happen, when there's another secret admirer (or stalker) out for Zara? Finally, when she had started to forget her past, it's back to haunt her. But with Hamza behind bars, who's Zara's new admirer? And what do they want?

Open this book to continue reading about Zaid and Zara's life, to join them on their journey, and to make new friends along the way, of course without forgetting the old ones. How can we forget Hafsa, after all? ;)