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Rae Miles By RaeMiles Updated Jul 05

More than two centuries have passed since Addison was abducted by the sadistic vampire coven, the Komor. Turned, tortured, and forced to do unspeakable things to humans and vampires alike, Addison eventually escaped her captors and disappeared into the human world.

But as time passed, a need for vengeance sparked in Addison, and together with her friend--and vegetarian vampire, Naomi--they vowed to take down any bloodsuckers who crossed their path.

The Komor, however, is more determined than ever to recapture its rogue member. Despite her knack for turning the coven's vampires to ash, the last thing the Komor wants is to destroy Addison. She's unlike any vampire the underworld has seen before, and what makes her unique also makes her the deadliest.

And the Komor will stop at nothing to possess their greatest weapon once again.