The Bad Boy and the Nerd; Typical

The Bad Boy and the Nerd; Typical

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Anonymous_GreekGirl By Anonymous_GreekGirl Updated Mar 30, 2017

Typical. That's all that comes to mind when I say this: the bad boy and the nerd don't even know each other that well, they are merely friends. Until they find out they share a secret that only causes them to grow closer... Or apart. 

Gangs are the sight of mayhem in this small, Michigan town. While not many know of them, once you're in you're never out. In the heat of the moment though, anyone can make a mistake. 

He was a popular.

I was a nerd.

He was a player that hooked up with different girls almost every night.

I stayed home, alone, and did nothing.

He was Ryder.

And I? I was just Kayla.

*Contains sexual content, and possibly triggering events that tie to suicide, anorexic tendencies, along with speak of self-harm. Mature readers only.*

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WeirdGirl017 WeirdGirl017 Apr 27, 2017
Nuh uh some ppl can't so dont go assuming there like that because of this bitch
Queennnpj Queennnpj Sep 17, 2017
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey sir sir sir sir nothing is wrong with loving ANIME😍😍😂😂😂
WeirdGirl017 WeirdGirl017 Apr 27, 2017
Wait so ur saying that weasal dude isnt a dude but is
                              I DONT GET IT
Queennnpj Queennnpj Sep 17, 2017
I read "Rides his bicycle" and I was like wait what 😂😂😂😂😂
Red_ribbon_girl Red_ribbon_girl Nov 05, 2016
Her mom though! If that were my mom I think I'd actually laugh while being told off. 😂
animegir1 animegir1 Sep 03, 2016
Lol Code Red is a thing between all the girls in my year for when they're on their period