White Eyes - Liam Dunbar Love Story

White Eyes - Liam Dunbar Love Story

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Boobly Bear By BooblyBear Updated Aug 16, 2015

"Fallen Angel," I flashed my eyes to a clear white color.  It made Liam jump back a little but he didn't question, but his eyes gave him away.  Hurt and betrayal, the signs an angel doesn't want to see.

Especially since I am his guardian angel.

This story is about a girl who had the purest heart, full of joy and love that she would happily spread.  Jennette Stilinski, or as she prefers Jenny, the one and only Stiles Stilinski's younger sister.  She was there the night Scott was bitten, Scott's first full moon, and so much more.  But the night Kate died, Jenny died with her.  Peter bit her and she didn't survive.  

After this no one was the same, they were so heart broken.  Especially Stiles.  He lost his mother and then his sister.  He hasn't even had the guts to tell his dad, he told him she was having an extreme sleep over with Lydia.   The night everyone was over at Stile's to tell his dad Jenny died, but a miracle happened.  Jenny was lying down on Stile's bed, wearing a pure shiny white gown.  In her hand was a single red rose.  

They sat around just staring in awe at the sight of the young girl.  She was too young for this, and they dragged her in to it.  The guilt was slowly eating them up.

"She has a heartbeat." Scott sighs with relief.

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lillisoccer1213 lillisoccer1213 Aug 17, 2016
Omg my mom says that all the time and tells me the same story
Samantha32100 Samantha32100 Aug 04, 2016
...so is it season four? Or three? Because Allison is alive and i don't know if you just left her in season four on periods?