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Transformers Prime: my Guardian, Ratchet

Transformers Prime: my Guardian, Ratchet

47.5K Reads 1.9K Votes 23 Part Story
Resonance Springfield (pen name!) By ifluttershy Updated Jan 02

A seemingly ordinary life of a girl in Canada named Lacy turns upside down when she sees the Autobots Confronting the Decepticons on a field near her home. She of course, as the title implies is taken in by the Autobots and Ratchet is assigned to be her guardian. Of course he's none to happy about it but Lacy soon becomes attached to him. Please note that I do not own the Transformers characters or anything from the Transformers franchise. i do however own my Ocs who you will meet when you read this story. So please read!

Soundwave superior autobots infeiror
                              Yeah megatron and soundwave are my favourites
bossybees bossybees Apr 26, 2016
Girl do yourself a favor' make like your hairline, and recede. .3.
TheSilvernote1 TheSilvernote1 Mar 12, 2016
Ratchie is lost for words?! O.o 
                              Ratchet: I thought I told you NOT TO CALL ME THAT!!! 
                              Me: *evil and insane laugh...*
bossybees bossybees Apr 26, 2016
Burl shut yo as up and eat your  Japanese SHlT.🍙🍜🍢🍘🍚
angelbunnycake10023 angelbunnycake10023 Jun 30, 2015
Something based in Canada with my favorite character?! It's like you just put everything I love into a single fanfic!
Raritydiva01 Raritydiva01 Jul 26, 2014
its interesting maybe I will read more maybe its actually not bad for a bunch of transformers