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"I have these powers because of you, Amber. My heart is always pounding, and I feel like I can do anything. It's all because of you..." Brian's fingertips gently brush against my cheek.

I watched as quick flickers of lightning danced through his dark eyes. The same bolts rose over his skin until it seemed like his body was humming with energy - ready to burst. 

"C'mon.." I blush, "You know it was just a coincidence that I was chosen..."

"No," he cups my face in his hand and I can't help but melt into the touch, "You're special. You're smart,'re the strongest of all of us...And I can't help being attracted to you. You electrify me, Amber Turner."

"Brian!" I laugh to hide my impending swoon. "If I wasn't crazy, I'd think you were telling me you loved me or something."

"It does sound like that, doesn't it?"

He says it so casually that it catches me off guard. I watch excitedly as he leans forward to close the short distance between us....
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The year is 1986. Clumsy, nerdy and god-awfully dressed Amber Turner is the laughingstock of her high school. She's also the main target of every bully in town. 
Life however, seems to get a bit more interesting when planet earth is threatened by an intergalactic villain. But what the hell is the universe thinking giving Amber and her school bullies the power to save the world?