Past Coming Back

Past Coming Back

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doodlebean8 By flsbasss Updated Nov 16, 2019

15 years ago, a psychopathic dictator committed suicide, freeing from a chaotic and cruel rule. 15 years ago, a new government, filled with passionate people was created. 15 years ago, mankind started to make huge leaps in science, tech, and healthcare, improving everyone's lives.

Or at least everyone that mattered. Everything that seems too good to be true is always fake. In the past, unwanted children were treated as animals: working the moment they learn to walk, until their deaths at a young age, without any education, without any hope, not even a real name. When people started leading comfortable lives, many started to have children, not realizing they weren't able to handle them. As a result, the orphanage factories flooded with children. The new leaders didn't care enough to change it. After all, that free labor could only benefit them.

S-845 is just another orphan. He has crushed dreams and hopes that fill his mind every waking moment. But dreams and hopes are dangerous for a nobody like him. He's seen what happens to those who believe - and it's never any good. But try to escape he must, for his life hangs in a precarious balance of someone else's game. A game he has no control over. 

Or does he?

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