Love Decagon (Kuroko No Basket FanFic)

Love Decagon (Kuroko No Basket FanFic)

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Kuroko Tetsuki By Kuroko_Tetsuki Updated Aug 11, 2014

Seirin, Touou, Rakuzan, Kaijo, Shutoku and Yosen were having a joint school trip to Okinawa. The GOM and their respective "buddies" were all excited to spend the summer with Kuroko. But they didn't expect Kuroko to a girl. Could this be a start of a love hexagon...but little do the GOM know, they're not the only ones gunning from Kuroko.

Who will have the last laugh and the last to find out~

P.S. First official fanfiction ever...please go easy on me. Sarangahayeo~

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......I feel bas for Kuroko that smirk could mean a million things
*Sniff sniff* I smell jealousy and love at the same time....
Kyahh!!! Yes himufem!kuro!!! This is one of my top 5 knb pairings!!! Yay!!! I don't know why but I like this pair!!!
Akatsuki_Shiro Akatsuki_Shiro Apr 12, 2016
What do mean "my sleeping princess" *sniffing the air* i can smell something called jealousy and lovey dovey
Kuroko_Tetsuki Kuroko_Tetsuki Mar 16, 2016
Oops...sorry m8 got a tad bit confused with another FEMkuroko fanfic (that is my favourite and it may or may not have influenced me a tad bit) 😅
Murong_Liu_Yue Murong_Liu_Yue Mar 16, 2016
Omygod I love this part every time and it's probably lyrics my favorite or the part at camp with Chihiro