anchor ➸ liam dunbar [1] [Editing]

anchor ➸ liam dunbar [1] [Editing]

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Ever since the death of Allison Argent, Aurora Lahey had nobody. Her brother had left for France, leaving her behind with no family and the feeling of loneliness. 

But as the team struggles to survive, Aurora has to leave her personal issues behind and join the fight. 

She knew it was a risk but it was a gamble she was willing to take. To protect the people she cared deeply for but to also protect the new friends she had made within the year.

Aurora doesn't know whether she'll live or die trying but one thing she knew for sure was a certain boy wasn't going to get in her way.

[season four]

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Why does it say Iris on the characters? Also I LOVE this story so far
Jesika___ Jesika___ Apr 10
Liam, stiles, Scarf boy, Derek and coach finstock, and mason and Greenburg cause why not 💖💖
Brett,Liam,Theo,mason,Corey,or Parrish the list goes on actually including Gabe, but that’s just cause I think he’s hot
Ehhh she’s okay, it’s kinda hard to hate her, but I don’t like it when she leaves Scott all heartbroken
Ireallydontcare0130 Ireallydontcare0130 Jul 03, 2017
Did you change her name in the middle of the story I'm so confused
shawnnmendosaaa shawnnmendosaaa Nov 23, 2016
Nooooo garrets gon kill you I just met this character and I'm already attached to her noooo she cannot die. Not like ....... imma stop their I might cry