anchor ➸ liam dunbar [1] [Editing]

anchor ➸ liam dunbar [1] [Editing]

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Iris Lahey is the sister to Issac Lahey who went with Mr.Argent to France after Allison's Death. Iris is currently living with the McCalls.
What happens when she meets a certain boy

Read to find out.

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I desperately want to say Stiles or Lydia or Liam but honestly… Greenberg.
angel2saucy angel2saucy Nov 23
Nooooo garrets gon kill you I just met this character and I'm already attached to her noooo she cannot die. Not like ....... imma stop their I might cry
sadargxnt sadargxnt Aug 07
That's some shït I do with my girl bestfriend. I call her my girlfriend or baby
I miss Isaac. I miss Jackson. I miss Ethan and Aidan and Allison and and and… *lip wobbles* DAMMIT JEFF!! 😢😢😢😢😢😭😭
teensdiary teensdiary Mar 26
This, no matter how many fics it has been in, always makes me die of laughter😂
sadargxnt sadargxnt Aug 07
Lmao I wear joggers and a random shirt and an oversized sweater. Who tf am I supposed to impress when we go to school to learn some stupid thing we supposedly have to use later in life😂