Try (bxb)

Try (bxb)

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_whatababe_ By _whatababe_ Updated Dec 17, 2014

Christopher was abused as a child. His father was a drunk and constantly beat and sexually assaulted him, leaving him fearful and timid around any men in his life. When he realized that he was gay, it terrified him. He can hardly stand to be in the same room alone with any guys, let alone have a relationship. 

He's been bullied his entire life at school, and now that they know that he's gay, the hits that he always takes become daily. Now entering his senior year of high school, Chris is miserable and even suicidal. 

Then Jason changes everything. It's the very first day of school, and Chris is in the middle of taking yet another beating, when Jason comes in. Chris passes out before he can see what happens, but all he knows is that when he wakes up he's in Jason's arms, and he panics. 

If there's any hope of saving Chris, then he'll have to confront his demons, and let the one person who really cares confront them with him. But what if the one he trusts... Isn't even human.

I was like, "he was trying to get him off?!?!" Then I realized... not THAT getting him off lmao
It has been 5 months since I last read this and the prologue is still just as confusing and heart wrenching
I almost forgot my P!ATD oath. Boy you better put that pen on paper
partytattoos- partytattoos- Oct 23, 2016
Just keep hold of their necks and keep sellin em sex it's better if we keep em perplexed it's better if we make em want the opposite sex
If you wanna start a fight you better throw the first punch and get a good one.
Canadian_Person_Man Canadian_Person_Man Sep 04, 2016
I just noticed the cover for the book is Spamano / Spain and Romano