(The) Outpost - Deep Space/Outer Solar System/Interstellar (pre-Pandora/Avatar?)

(The) Outpost - Deep Space/Outer Solar System/Interstellar (pre-Pandora/Avatar?)

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Alex von Wittig By Wittig Updated Aug 15

UNFINISHED - rough story-scenario notes

Deep Space/Outer Solar System/Interstellar

(possibly works as a prelude/prologue/prequel/previous incident-events/whatever to humans going to pandora, in the avatar universe)

a planetary/asteroidal base way out on the  edge of the outer solar system/in near interstellar space  (from a dream i had; trying to remember more)  

a research facility?

it is a cold/dark/sunless void  out there

technology better than ours, but not by all that much.  

just reaching out of the solar system, barely interstellar; not enough for manned ships  to reach another star system (or just barely good enough to reach the nearest; long voyage?) 

astronomy/observatories, probes, etc. ? 

near-ish future? later this century (2000s)?

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