Insane~ A Peter Parker Fanfiction

Insane~ A Peter Parker Fanfiction

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Amber_Rose48 By Amber_Rose48 Updated Aug 10

"Ugh! He drives me insane!!! He is rude, arrogant, wreckless-" but she was cut off
              "Cute?" her friend smirked
               "I-I, well that is completely besides the point"

        Fifteen year old, Emma Kennedy was struck by lightning at the age of 10. She wasn't expected to live after the accident, but she did. In fact, it made her stronger and gave her superhuman abilities. Emma had the ability to manipulate and control energy. Living in Philadelphia, she decided to use her powers to help others, taking on the name 'Electra'. 

        Everything in her life was going right until her parents were murdered. And it got even crazier after none other than Captain America approached her, asking Emma to join the team.

(Takes Place in Civil War and HomeComing)

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