Bitε thε Bullεt (A Soldier's l♡ve story)

Bitε thε Bullεt (A Soldier's l♡ve story)

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[Featured Book On Wattpad's Profile] "Let her go Lee." I growled at the bastard who held the girl roughly around her waist. My eyes snapped to look at the fragile, vulnerable girl. Hot tears rushed down her wide, terrified eyes and kissed her wet cheeks. Water dripped down her soaked brown hair. Her tiny form trembled from both terror and the bitter, harsh cold. I had to do something and do it real fast. I can't hurt Lee without hurting her. 

What should I do? 

Find out what happens in a Soldier's love story.
Trailer inside, chapter 6 and chapter 18

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SaalmahAlie SaalmahAlie Nov 16, 2016
Am already hooked 😃. I always wanted to be soldier if i grow up .
TheQueenofDarkness TheQueenofDarkness Nov 22, 2012
@TheBlueMushroom hahahaha yeah u r right, but bite the bullet means "bite the bullet" is to endure a painful or otherwise unpleasant situation. tnx so much 4 sayin dat
TheBlueMushroom TheBlueMushroom Nov 22, 2012
Nice qoute ;-) It really sets the right mood on the story and I like your title - especially since it's not physically possible xD
TheQueenofDarkness TheQueenofDarkness Nov 04, 2012
@southofeverything hahahahaha dis is going SLOW??? wow u sure say whatever u have in mind, don't u? I can't just jump in and bring the girl tada !!! dis is a soldiers story not a wuss's who falls da time he sees her. But I DON'T FIND DIS SLOW.
TheQueenofDarkness TheQueenofDarkness Sep 20, 2012
@DougBrendle ummm dats something I hear da first time, guess ur nick suits u perfectly :))
- - Sep 20, 2012
Yea because I have a knife and wear sunglasses all the time lol