Her Wattpadder Soulmate: The Cries of a Broken Soul

Her Wattpadder Soulmate: The Cries of a Broken Soul

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Sue Rose Levy By eliyeda Updated 2 days ago

Behind every beautiful prose, there's a tragic backstory screaming to be told. Manipulated and betrayed from a young age by those who claimed to love him, Noah Torres led a path of chaos and destruction that almost snatched his life away. For Noah, words became his lifeline, and through the pen name of Shaun Jonas on Wattpad, he was free to share them with the world and keep his mind fortified from his bleak reality. But Wattpad gave him something much more valuable than freedom and escape; It gave him Sally Ross, who reminded him that his soul wasn't completely lost.

Sally and Noah found each other through the most unlikely of places and by the exchange of letters, found redemption and forgiveness for their broken souls. However, little is known of the stranger behind the letters. What led him to be the man Sally fell in love with? Who is Noah Torres? This is the story of her Wattpadder soulmate before Wattpad Letters.

"I became darkness, Iris--a messenger of light became the darkness they could not stop
The gods lost their hold on me--I lost hold on myself"

[This story contains spoilers for "Wattpad Letters: A vintage twist into a modern love story"]

Triggers: Mature language, Sexual language/content, Suicide and Addiction

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