You Wish You Were In The Dallas Family (THIRD BOOK  IN PBCD)

You Wish You Were In The Dallas Family (THIRD BOOK IN PBCD)

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Two other books, but it's about to get insane.   At sixteen years of age Maria Kincaid got pregnant by her boyfriend Cameron Dallas.   Now 27, she has three kids and a huge family living with her.   Will everything be too much to handle? Read to find out!  Book Twitter: @PBCDwattpad  Maria's Twitter (post her tweets from chapters before uploading to give a hint about that chapter): @mariaPBCD

EmmaMooney2016 EmmaMooney2016 Oct 25, 2016
Ella is me with my life goals and a different name 😢😢😂
greymendes greymendes Apr 07, 2016
SOMETIMES IT ALL GETS A LITTLE TOO MUCH BUT YOU GOTTA REALIZE THAT SOON THE FOG WILL CLEAR UP see I'm gonna be doing this throughout the whole book bc I'm obsessed with shawn
tyedyetiger tyedyetiger Dec 28, 2014
I've been to one, it was an outside wedding and it was like 90 degrees outside and I was sweating the entire time and ended up eating a whole cup of ice
khk302 khk302 Jul 25, 2014
Honey moon better be Paris Ella I hope you know me at least that much