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The Liberator Collector-Trios.Hunts.Saves.Contracts. w/ The Soulless Kiss- Read. Vote.Respond.Watch.

The Liberator Collector-Trios.Hunts.Saves.Contracts. w/ The Soulless Kiss- Read. Vote.Respond.Watch.

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NicolletteNikki By nicollettenikki Updated Jun 15, 2010

This is a play which  focuses on The Collector A.k.a. Loki whose job is to get souls, spirits, and ghosts. While Preforming the soulless kiss to receive the dead soul..Till one day while waiting at the cemetery graveyard next to the hospital she get's the signal to retrieve the dead soul till everything goes array and the dead boy comes back to life after she did the kiss..Nick naming him Zombie Boy..He starts following The Collector around under the impression that she is his gf. Till she has to go and meet with The Grave trader a.k.a Laz or Lazarus who makes the trade and Dubs Jewel the zombie boy.. Laz and Loki are a part of the RueRik from another world that calls the humans shadow people or walkers..while they call themselves ghost on the human worlds habitation and Jewel because of the resurrection is a BlackBleed a rare RueRik..Together this three get in misadventures, see the wonders of humanity and other worldly things and learn just what it means to be a family...

nicollettenikki nicollettenikki Jun 28, 2010
@captainjello Lol awe thank you very much! Your such a goober 
FeistyLion FeistyLion Jun 28, 2010
Meh, shush, i have to read more. 
                              no, take that. stick it in your juice box and drink it. 
                              click, click, click. 
                              its not loading fast enough!!!!
howisall-_- howisall-_- Jun 24, 2010
@nicollettenikki for loving everyhting i have needed a good story and i ahve found one because th other few are bing finishd up
nicollettenikki nicollettenikki Jun 19, 2010
@strawberrykiller37 Wow -huggles you- Thanks so much for doing even this! Your amazingly awesome! 
strawberrykiller37 strawberrykiller37 Jun 19, 2010
lol this is really original. your different. its almost dialogue and play and story all at the same time. i can't wait to read on, it's amazing so far! you have such original names and your character development is spectacular. wonderful, wonderful job. 
kaytiebean kaytiebean Jun 13, 2010
@nicollettenikki your welcome....keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!