Masterpiece  (Frerard)

Masterpiece (Frerard)

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There's just something about Frank that everybody wants a piece of. He is so much more than a simple free spirit. There are no boundaries or conventions in his life simply because he has chosen to ignore them. He enjoys his self-provided freedom in an audacious, almost impossible way.

Gerard on the other hand is just human. Although he's blessed with an artist's creative talents and privileges, he is only a marionette and a mass-producer of next to nothing masterpieces. He doesn't know any other reality beyond his safe and cheap world of would-be artistic freedom. Once that bubble bursts he is only human. Human and easily worn out.

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fuckyouandyournames fuckyouandyournames Dec 17, 2017
okay Jordan was a bit nicer than this abort mission i hate Gee rn abort abort
fuckyouandyournames fuckyouandyournames Dec 17, 2017
I just finished the wolf of wall street and he's acting just like Jordan. that was a great movie so i'm loving this
the only art around here is soul moans and ukulele screamo scuse me can u please leave
Yes. I love realism tbh I don't know why. Most of my art Is realism.
everyone else is cringing but it’s actually pretty funny tbh
Heavenloveforever Heavenloveforever Aug 20, 2017
So basically you throw a paint bruah at a canvas and call it art.