SUGAR RUSH! | awsten knight [coming soon]

SUGAR RUSH! | awsten knight [coming soon]

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𝔰𝔞𝔯𝔞, 𝔡𝔲𝔥 By betterdemons Updated Aug 04

❝this party sucks but i'm looking at you. my friends tell me to slow down but i don't want to.❞

Holly Shea: ex-YouTuber, fake rapper, (slightly) reformed wild child, baker of all things sweet, disillusioned by fake Los Angeles people who only became her friend for the clout, totally bored of LA boys.

Awsten Knight: multitalented creative genius and frontman of Waterparks, tallest boy in the music scene, opens doors for girls and calls his mom regularly, lover of all things sweet, recent LA transplant, not an LA boy.

There is undeniable chemistry between Awsten and Holly. Between the constant play flirting online and in real life, the pet names, and talking and texting each other day and night, anyone looking in would assume they were dating. And maybe they are. Neither one of them is too sure what their relationship is at this point.

Awsten doesn't waste much time desiring Holly quietly and they're officially dating in no time at all. Things are going completely right for Awsten: his band is signed to a new label, he's sporting bright green hair for the new era, and shaking out the last of the cobwebs from his previous relationship, and he's feeling more content and happy than he has in a very long time.

But Holly isn't prepared for everything that's involved in dating a musician. Occasional long distance is hard and, with Awsten's touring schedule about to start ramping up again with the anticipated release of Waterparks' third album, Holly has to choose between her head wanting to keep her safe from hurt and her heart that wants to fall deep in the brightly colored boy with two different colored eyes.