My best friends brother

My best friends brother

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Nameless By Anonymouslywrong Updated Jan 18, 2016

I gazed at the sight of his broad toned figure.Watching the sweat drip down his body. I giggled like a silly schoolgirl. How stupid of me.

"What's funny?" he asked as his eyes roamed my body.

With my self esteem I pulled the white soft sheets to cover my clothesless body.

"N-Nothing it's just I would never thought"

"Never thought what?"

"Th-That it would be me "

"Your gorgeous and sexy as hell why wouldn't I. I've been trying to for the longest ever since you became friends with my sister but I didn't want it to seem awkward, you know"

"Really?" I said like a 5 year old learning that she's going on vacation to disney world.

"I mean really" trying to sound as sexual as possible but that was an epic fail.

"You're adorable" he laughed in my face. But I didn't care he looked sexy doing it. And I was being a little childish.

"I tell you what lets fuck again so you can get how serious I am trying to be for you"

"Ri-Right now? " I said as I lean back from him leaning forward on top...

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