Smoke And Steel

Smoke And Steel

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Caelyn Haupini By TheMockingjayReads Completed

"He is not perfect.
He is not whole.
But he is still beautiful, scars and all."


Meet Ebony Smoke - just your average teenage girl who loves reading, dancing, and solitude. She enjoys her completely normal (if not a little boring) life at Silver Cross Academy, but everything changes when she meets Avery Steel - the motorbike-riding, bad-boy-extraordinaire son of Macon Steel, the richest man in Fairview.

Avery is a boy with a dark past and an even darker future, and before long Ebony finds herself tangled in a wild web made of the Steel family's secrets, while also dealing with demons of her own. Yes her life may seem plain, but what secrets is she hiding too?

[Highest rank #121 in Teen Fiction] !!!!!!

njhalsey njhalsey Jul 06, 2016
Don't you mean American accent because the girl did just say "mum".... Therefore wouldn't she be the English one
mackanzieFalls mackanzieFalls Jan 31, 2016
I'd love to do that... but we have big windows and people can look...
Rainshadow390 Rainshadow390 Jun 02, 2016
Lol I showed this to one of my firends and my friends said "What the hell"
SPNJ2M2 SPNJ2M2 Apr 11, 2016
Stupid English accent? Excuse me? I'm not British, but I love their accents. It's like saying one direction is stupid, which btw, they aren't.
tiredjen tiredjen Oct 31, 2016
im christian, and i believe that there is one god, but different cultures believe in gods/goddesses that makeup god. like god serperated into certain authorites or whatever ya know
pizzarollburn pizzarollburn Aug 22, 2016
You guys are my kind of people. But we would never care enough to talk to each other and that's what great.