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A life full of pretensions

A life full of hidden emotions

A life lived with many questions

A life given to accomplish missions.

Behind every happy face lies the sorrow

Behind every smile lies the pain

Behind every silence lies the law

Behind every sunny and bright life there's rain.

It's hard to act that I'm fine

Though giving up is already next in line

It's hard to convince myself that I'm strong

When around me seems so wrong.

Every day, I always manage to smile

Though my mind is wandering far as a mile

Every time tears want to roll down my cheeks

I always pretend to be okay and not sick.

Deep inside me is slowly dying

Those plastic treatments are slowly killing

The guffaws that I tried to give

Somehow makes me feel relieved.

Despite those forced smiles that I've flashed

The realization in me came in a rush

That though life is giving me so much suffering

Still I have to continue and keep on winning.

Behind this mask is a coward girl

And not as brilliant as a p...